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Welding Positioner


1.This welding equipment adopts powered tilting and revolving, which can make the work-piece stay in ideal welding position.
2.This welding positioner can be tilted to certain degree within the range of 0°~120°, and revolved infinitely at any tilt angle.
3.There are several concentric circle slots and T-slots on the table surface, which is convenient for loading and unloading of work-piece.
4.This welding positioner uses frequency converter to control the revolving speed.
5.The overturning transmission system has self-lock device for keeping the security
6.The special electrical device beneath worktable surface can conduct the welding current easily and reliably, ensuring safe and reliable operation of this welder positioner.
7.Electrical control system of HB3-HB12 is composed of electric cabinet, remote control box and foot pedal. Other type welding equipment consists of control panel and remote control box, which is easy for operator. There is the interface for connecting with welding manipulator, so as to achieve automation control.


This welding positioner can be used with various manual or automatic welding, and extensively applied to pressure vessel, metallurgy, power, chemical industry, metal structure and others lines.


This welding equipment includes the tilting, lifting type, head and tailstock positioner, horizontal rotary type and double-rotation positioner. The work-piece stays in the best position for being welded or assembled by the means of elevating, rotating and overturning the working bench.
This welding positioner with welding manipulator and robot can form the automatic special welding machine. We can design and customize various types of welder positioners according to varieties of different products given by the customer.


1.The users select the model of the welding positioners in accordance with different work-piece and technological requirements. The specifications of this welding equipment can choose on the basis of eccentric distance and gravity center distance.
2.The separate point lubricating of each transmission parts will be required. This welder positioner is easy to be maintained. The lubricating point can be lubricated by routine or person daily.

Type of Payment

1.When the contract takes effect, 30% down payment should be paid by T/T, 70% balance payment paid by T/T before delivery of this welding positioner.
2.Please open 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract goes into effect.
As a welder positioner supplier, we provide different kinds of welding positioners, such as lifting type, head and tailstock positioner, horizontal rotary as well as double-rotation. Besides welding equipment, we also supply cutting machine, beam welding line and welding wind tower production line. Our welding positioners have obtained ISO 9000 and CE certificate. We also provide 13 months warranty for this welding equipment. We will train the manager, operator and serviceman to make sure that the users can use the welding positioner successfully.