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Steel Structure Production Line


As a professional manufacturer of beam welding line, we are the only enterprise participating in compilation of national welding steel structure standard. We are the first one to get the ISO9000 and CE certificate in the field.
In 1992, we developed and manufactured H beam welding line.
In 1997, we firstly put the H-beam automatic steel structure production line into market.
In 1998, we manufactured the first domestic BOX beam welding line.
In 2002, we initially launched the heavy-duty variable-section box beam CO2 automatic steel structure production line.
In 2004, we firstly produced large thin-wall box-beam welding line applicable for port machinery.
In 2005, we manufactured economical and practical T-beam steel structure production line for ship building industry.
In 2006, we promoted the first U-rib automatic welding production line for bridge industry.

Product Categories

1.The H-beam welding line has the advantages of practical and fluent process flow, reasonable sequence, automatic production and accurate digital display. Reasonable application of digital automation technology makes the entire welding process intuitional and easy to control.
2.Box-beam welding line realizes streamline operation of complete procedure from load material, assembly, back welding, electroslag welding, tandem-twin welding and facing. This steel structure production line adopts pre-cut hole method for electro-slag welding in order to avoid welding defect caused by cutting liquid and scrap iron during drilling process.
3.This U-rib welding production line consists of two steps as U-stiffer preparation and panel manufacture. This steel structure production line can be arranged according to the requirements of the customers and the dimension of workshop.
We are the unique manufacturer of beam welding line in China. Our steel structure production line mainly includes H-beam production line, box- beam production line and bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line. In addition, we provide cutting equipment, welding machine as well as welding wind tower production line. Our beam welding line can also be designed and manufactured according to the demands of customers. We accomplish scientific and standard management to ensure high quality products.