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Edge Milling Machine


This edge milling machine is used for the manufacture of boiler, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, power plant, petroleum, chemical industry and construction machinery. The milling equipment can be divided into fixed upper press-beam type and movable upper press-beam pattern. This edge milling machine is the ideal replacement facility for edge planer.

Competitive Advantages

1.Compared to the traditional plate edge milling machine, this milling equipment adopts removable guide rails, through heat treatment, the lathe bed has reasonable structure and milling head operates smoothly and reliably.
2.This edge milling machine employs fully independent feeding system and returning system, featuring in rapid return speed and high efficiency.
3.The angle of the facing cutter is easy to adjust, and the customized cutter and standard cutter can be interchangeable.
4.As a substitute product, this edge milling machine is especially suitable for edge preparation in various shapes of mild steel plate, stainless steel plate and aluminum sheet.
5.This milling equipment has advantages of high polished, low energy consumption, reasonable price and easy operation and maintenance.
As a professional edge milling machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer two kinds of milling equipment for our customers. There are fixed upper press-beam type and movable upper press-beam edge milling machine. In addition, we mainly provide CNC cutting machine, beam welding line, welding machine, straightening machine, box-beam production line, turning rolls and welding positioners. We have received ISO9000 certificate of quality system and CE certificate. Our C edge milling machines can also be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of customers.