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Wind Tower Equipments


This wind tower equipment is produced to promote the development of the wind tower industry. This wind tower production line has the advantages of lower labor strength, little crane occupied, small area occupied and high productivity per unit area. Our wind tower equipment has received the ISO9000 and CE certificate. The whole wind tower production line has been exported to Pakistan.

Features of Wind Tower Equipment

1.The best process flow design, equipment configuration and production ability analysis will be provided for our clients.
2.We offer the whole wind tower equipment, foundation guiding, installation, debugging and training for operator.
3.We also provide the manufacturing regulations of the wind tower production line and the welding technology guidance for customers.
4.We upgrade the existing wind tower equipment of the customers.
5.We provide long-term best service and maintenance.

Composition of this Wind Tower Equipment

1.This wind tower production line uses CNC flame cutting machine for plate cutting.
2.Welding manipulator and screw-adjustable turning roller can be used for longitudinal welding.
3.This wind tower equipment uses FZD flange fit-up platform for flange assembly
4.The hydraulic fit-up turning roll and movable type welding turning roll are adopted to accomplish section to section assembling.
5.Our wind tower production line utilizes welding manipulator to make circle seam welding.
6.The wind tower equipment adopts dedicated welding turning rolls to achieve sand blasting and painting.


When choosing this wind tower equipment, the customers must provide the length of total tower, the sections of this tower, the minimum and maximum diameter of single vessel, the length and weight of single vessel, annual yield as well as size of workshop.

Type of Payment

1.Contract comes into effect, 30% down payment paid by T/T, 70% balance payment paid by T/T before delivery of this wind tower equipment.
2.Please open 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract becomes effective.
Yangtong is a specialized wind tower production line manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide wind tower equipment, seam welding machine, fit-up welding line, column welding manipulator and turning roll. Besides wind tower equipment, we also offer welding machine, cutting machine, beam welding line, straightening machine, assembling machine and milling machine. We cooperate with the national famous research institution and universities to accelerate the new product development and improve the technological content.