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Turning Roll


Our turning rolls are composed of one driving and one idler bolt adjustment welding turning rolls and control system. We offer sand blasting turning roll and painting welding rotator for customers.
The electric cabinet of our welding turning roll selects double layer cabinet frame design. As special welding equipment, our turning rolls are configured with explosion-proof motors. All connectors are processed through anti-exploding technology and protection treatment, which can ensure the safety operation and also can improve the sealing performance.
Founded in August 1985, Yangtong is a professional manufacturer and supplier of turning rolls in China. Besides welding turning roll, we mainly offer our customers the cutting machine, CNC plasma cutter, beam welding line, H-beam assembling machine, welding machine, box-beam production line, welding production line, welding positioner, welding manipulator, beveling equipment, welding rotator and wind tower production line. We offer free lifting and colligation service when the turning rolls leave the factory, responsible for directing and training operators and provide the quick-wear parts timely. We also provide door-to door services and ensure the users satisfied.