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Box-Beam Production Line

1.The box-beam welding line with annual output of single shift can be up to over 12000 tons.
2.Our box-beam production line owns practical and fluent process flow. Fully considering assistant working procedure of box-beam line, we guarantee the manual baffle welding, backing of welding seam, cutting of arc-tracing plate and riser of electro-slag welding and welding seam inspection can be finished along the entire line, without the help of traveling crane (except assembly and taking the finished product off the line).
3.This box-beam welding line owns many advantages like complete configuration, high automation, high efficiency and good operation.
4.This box-beam production line adopts pre-cut hole method for electro-slag welding in order to avoid welding defect caused by cutting liquid and scrap iron during drilling process.
5.Equipped with electric motor, the travel wheels beneath movable 180°hydraulic overturning rack can make the rack with mobile function, absorb impact of work-piece to the rack and greatly enhance the stability of work-piece overturning.
6.U-beam and box-beam production line can be flipped 90°toward both sides, ensuring all the manual welding can be in the down-hand welding position, avoiding overhead welding position caused from single direction 90° flipping.
7.With tandem-twin SAW technology and seam tracking device in combination of mechanical and pneumatic style, the box-beam production line can improve welding efficiency, guarantee welding quality and avoid the problem of inaccurate positioning of single pneumatic tracking system.
8.We establish dedicated lab for box-beam welding line and employ many well-known welding experts. They carry out tests and appraisals on welding technology, especially BOX tandem-twin SAW and nozzle-fusing style electro-slag welding repeatedly. We can provide mature technology and accurate parameters for users in order to ensure production quality.
Box-beam production line realizes streamline operation of complete procedure from load material, assembly, back welding, electroslag welding, tandem-twin welding and facing. This box-beam welding line is an initiative of our company. It can be divided into semi-auto production line and automatic production line.
The semi-auto box-beam production line, which is composed of individual machines, has the advantages like flexible arrangement, low investment and small area occupation. For box-beam automatic welding production line, except the material loading at the beginning and unloading in the end where need the help of overhead crane, the remaining stages don’t need the crane to conveying. Electro-slag welding prior to submerged arc welding technology is our original creation, which can ensure the quality of electro-slag welding and SAW welding.
With consummate technology and superior market share, we have offered 500 box-beam production lines for domestic and overseas steel structure manufacturing enterprises. Our box-beam welding line has been applied by KARA Co., Ltd. in Iran, CBL Co., Ltd. and Pratibha Co., Ltd. in India successfully.
1.The semi-automatic box-beam production line consists of CNC cutting machine, edge milling machine, baffle assembly machine, U-beam/Box beam assembling machine, box-beam tandem-twin CO₂welding machine, electro slag welding machine, box-beam SAW welding machine and end face milling machine.
2.The box-beam welding line is composed of CNC cutting machine, edge milling machine, U-beam assembly machine, box-beam tandem-twin CO₂welding machine, electroslag welding machine, LHF box beam SAW welding machine, end face milling machine, movable type 180° hydraulic overturning rack, movable type 90° hydraulic overturning rack and roller conveyor.
Type of Payment
1.When the contract comes into effect, 30% down payment should be paid by T/T, 70% balance payment by T/T before delivery.
2.Please open a 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract becomes effective.
We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of box-beam production line in China. Besides box-beam welding line, we also offer box-beam assembling machine, cantilever welding machine, end face milling machine, H-beam production line, H-beam welder, flange straightening machine as well as other welding machines. We have exported our box-beam production line to the United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, UAE and Brazil.