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H-Beam Production Line


1.This H-beam production line has the advantages of practical and fluent process flow, reasonable sequence, automatic production and accurate digital display.
2.The whole line does not need the assistance of traveling crane (except assembly and outlet of finished products).
3.This H-beam welding line adopts digital control technology to improve product quality, reduce operation difficulty and enhance practicality and accuracy of entire line greatly.
4.The 180°hydraulic overturning rack can move along rail and overcome the impact of work-piece onto rack, which can guarantee smoothness, safety and reliability of work-piece overturning.
5.Reasonable application of digital automation technology makes the entire welding process intuitional and easy to control.
6.Double axles, double drive travel mechanism and welding-seam tracker which combines mechanical and pneumatic system can ensure the smoothness and quality of this H-beam production line.
7.This H-beam welding line can be equipped with 60°hydraulic overturning rack. Its unique 60°design and positioning at arbitrary angle can not only satisfy fillet welding at flat position of standard symmetric H-beam, but also fillet welding of non-symmetric H-beam at non 45°


The H-beam production line can be divided into semi-automatic line and automatic line. The semi-automatic line can operate separately and the work-piece transportation is realized by overhead crane. The flexible semi-automatic H-beam welding line can add machines in different stages to enhance production efficiency.
Equipped with the steel shift machine, overturning machine and conveyors, the semi-automatic line can become automatic H-beam production line. This line adopts linkage control system except H-beam assembly machine and the unloading process of H-beam straightening machine which need the help of overhead crane. All the other feeding and overturning of work-piece can be achieved by means of steel shift machine, overturning machine and conveyors.
This automatic H-beam production line has a high degree of automation and especially suitable for heavy duty type H-beam production. There are 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.0m H-beam automatic production line for your choice.


1.The semi-automatic H-beam welding line is composed of CNC cutting machine, H-beam assembly machine, H-beam welding machine and H-beam flange straightening machine.
2.The automatic H-beam production line consists of CNC cutting machine, H-beam assembly machine, H-beam welding machine, H-beam flange straightening machine, steel moving machine, 90°hydraulic overturning rack, 60°hydraulic overturning rack and 180°hydraulic overturning rack.

Type of Payment

1.Contract comes into effect, 30% down payment paid by T/T, 70% balance payment paid by T/T before delivery.
2.Please open 100% irrevocable letter of credit at sight immediately when the contract becomes effective.
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of H-beam production line in China, we have provided more than 800 heavy duty H-beam welding lines for domestic steel structure factories. Additionally, we have exported hundreds H-beam welding production lines to Iran, Ukraine, Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, Kazakhstan and Macedonia. Our H-beam production line has received ISO9000 certificate of quality system and CE certificate.