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Base Flange Welding Equipment


Our flange welding equipment includes flange fit-up platform and flange welding machine. They are important components of the wind tower welding line. Adopting beam welding, our flange fit-up platform has the advantages of firm structure and good stability. This flange welding equipment adopts lead screw uplifting adjustment system, easy for operation.
Additionally, our flange welding machine is capable of accomplishing inside and outside circular seam welding. This kind of flange welding equipment is composed of welding manipulator, SAW welding machine and tilt welding turning roll.
Our wind tower welding line is little crane occupied, small area occupied and is of high productivity per unit area. We offer best process flow design, equipment configuration and production ability analysis.


When choosing our wind tower welding line, customers should provide the length of total tower, the sections of this tower, the minimum and maximum diameter of single vessel, the length and weight of single vessel, annual yield as well as size of workshop.
Founded in August 1985, Wuxi Yangtong Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional flange welding equipment manufacturer and wind tower welding line supplier in China. we use a variety of testing machines to inspect our flange welding equipment, such as carbon and sulfur analyzer, high-speed ignition furnace, spectrophotometer, spectrometer, universal material testing machine (mechanical properties of materials and welding testing), material analyzer, pressure resistance tester, ultrasonic fault detector, Lee’s hardness tester, Rockwell apparatus, digital tachometer and infrared thermometer. Our wind tower welding lines are popular among users and have won the National Golden Award.