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YTJ-60B/80B Hydraulic Straightening Machine


1.The main oil cylinder adopts Chinese superior sealed circle for multi-paths sealing, which has good sealing capability and long service life.
2.This H-beam hydraulic straightening machine has strong straightening force and high automation.
3.The conveying roller adopts powered hydraulic elevation type.
4.Compared with other H-beam flange straightening machine, this machine is more reliable and stable.
5.The straightening roll adjustment should be set up staff gauge, which ensures the convenience and correct operation.
6.The powered roller is machined by forging in whole part, the material is 35CrMo forge part, and hardness is HRC50-55.
7.This H-beam hydraulic straightening machine has many advantages of simple operation, high straightening speed as well as good straightening quality.
8.High-pressure pump station is equipped with precise filter, which can ensure long-term and convenience usage of magnetic valve.
9.This H-beam flange straightening machine does not need big foundation for installation, this will reduce the basic cost.


During the process of H-beam welding, the flange plate will produce bending deflection due to the heat caused by welding. H-beam hydraulic straightening machine is a kind of special equipment used to correct the flange plate distortion.
This H-beam flange straightening machine mainly consists of main frame, reducer, main transmission roller, straightening roller device, web clamping device, forward and backward waving type elevation transport conveyor, hydraulic system and electrical system.

Parameters of YTJ-60B/80B Hydraulic Straightening Machine

Type Hydraulic Type
Model YTJ-40 YTJ-60C YTJ-80
Flange Thickness ≤40 ≤60 ≤80
Tensile Strength of Flange (Mpa) 600 600 600
Flange Width (mm) 200-800 200-1000 200-1000
Straightening Speed (m/min) 6 6.5 6
Machine Power 13.2 41.4 44

Packaging and Transportation

1.Main frame is packed in nude, electric control box can be packed in wooden case.
2.Transport by truck and sea.
We offer two types of H-beam flange straightening machines for your choice. They are hydraulic straightening machines and mechanical straightening machines. We have received ISO9000 certificate of quality system and CE certificate. We are also the unique equipment manufacturer of H-beam production line. When installing and debugging the hydraulic straightening machine, we will cooperate with the professional and technical personnel to make on-site instruction on order to ensure the quality of the installation.
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