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CNC Fine Plasma Cutting Machine


1.This twister fine plasma cutting machine has better vertical cutting degree in comparison with the normal plasma.
2.The CNC plasma cutting machines have good smooth finish of cutting surface
3.The quick-wear parts have long service life
4.Our CNC fine plasma cutting system can avoid the secondary processing.
5.This CNC fine plasma cutting machine can be configured with CNC flame cutting torch, CNC plasma and strip cutting torch. The cutting thickness is not limited to thick plate, and this plasma cutter also has the capacity to cut medium and thin plates.
6.The plasma cutting machines are suitable for cutting low-carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet.
7.Our fine plasma cutting system owns ISO9000 and CE certificates


1.This CNC plasma cutting machine can match the American Hypertherm, American Thermadyne, Germany Kjellberg or plasma power supply made in China.
2.The key parts adopt international famous brands, including Schneider's servo drive system, reducer of Germany NEUGART, towline of Germany IGUS, and SIEMENS or ABB’s electrical components.
3.There are two types of guide rails for our plasma cutting machines, 24kg/m or 38kg/m.


Model QSH30-40 QSH30-80II
Drive Way Single Drive, 24KG/M rail Double Drive, 38KG/M rail
Rail Span (m) 3-4 3-8
Valid Cutting Width (m) 2.2-3.2 2.2-7.2
Torch Lift Stroke (mm) 170
Rail Length According to the Requirement of Customer
Flame Cutting Speed (mm/min) 50-1000 (Setting as per Cutting Technology)
Plasma Cutting Speed (mm/min) 350-6000
Fast Return Speed (mm/min) 6000
Flame Cutting Thickness (mm) 6-100 (Single Torch), Piercing Thickness≤80
Plasma Cutting Thickness Recommend Suitable Plasma Source According to the Requirement of Customer
Flame Cutting Material MS
Plasma Cutting Material MS, Aluminum, SS
Input Power Single Phase AC220V,50HZ,2KVA
Intersection Point Deviation (mm) ≤0.5 (800 × 800 Industry Standard Prescribed Figure Lineation)
Diagonal Error (mm) ≤0.5 (300 × 300 Square Lineation)

Our main products include CNC fine plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, H-beam production line, Box-beam production line, welding manipulator, welding turning roller, welding positioner, beveling equipment, welding wind tower production line, seam welding machine as well as other welding machines. Our CNC plasma cutting machines can also be designed and manufactured according to the demands of customers.
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