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H-Beam Cleaning Machine

1.This H-beam shot blasting machine adopts roller pass-through method, which offers high efficiency in comparison with trolley type.
2.This H-beam shot blast cleaning machine uses MITSUBISHI PLC to realize centralized control. The electrical control can be switched from manual mode to automatic mode.
3.Our H-beam shot blasting machine is equipped with OMRON photoelectric detector, which can guarantee no shot blasting when there is no work-piece, decrease the reactive power loss and material consumption and reduce the production cost.
4.The arrangement of shot-blasting chamber and impeller head is confirmed via 3D dynamic computer simulation, featuring in efficient and thorough dust-collecting.
5.This H-beam shot blasting machine uses centrifugal blaster (YP350) of large blasting volume and high blasting speed. It can greatly increase the cleaning efficiency and acquire satisfactory cleaning quality.
6.The H-beam shot blast cleaning machine employs international advanced cartridge filter, featuring in high dust-collecting efficiency, low running resistance, small volume, light weight and easy maintenance.
7.Our H-beam shot blasting machines are configured with advanced SH-model full-curtain type separator, which is the new product developed successfully by us on the basis of introducing advanced international technique. All the performance indexes have reached the level of foreign similar products. The separator utilizes the winnow principle to separate dust, scrap of oxide-layer, broken shots and foreign particles from useful shots.
This H-beam shot blasting machine is a kind of automatic shot blasting and cleaning equipment of continuous conveying roller type. The H-beam shot blasting equipment can be used for surface cleaning and strengthening of H-beam, steel plate and structural member. Therefore the steel materials can obtain smooth surface of certain roughness, increase painting adhesive force as well as can improve surface quality and anti-corruption effect.
The H-beam shot blasting machine is especially suitable for batch production. It consists of shot blasting cleaning chamber, work-piece transport system, material circulation purification system, dust removal system and electrical control system. Adopting several cutting-edge technologies, this shot blast cleaning machine has improved the technical content on the basis of guaranteeing reliability.
Parameters of H-Beam Shot Blasting Machine
Model HP8016 HP1018 HP1020
Suitable Work-Piece Sizes W × H (mm) 800 × 1600 1000 × 1800 1000 × 2000
Work-Piece Length (mm) 3000-12000 3000-15000 3000-15000
Quality Standard Surface Clearness A-B Sa2.0-Sa2.5
Surface Roughness 15-50
Shot Blaster Quantity (Piece) 8
Shot Blasting Quantity (kg/min) 8 × 200 8 × 250 8 × 250
Power (Kw) 8 × 11 8 × 15 8 × 15
Input and Output Conveyor Allowable Load (kg/m) 1000
Feeding Speed (m/min) 0.4-4
Ventilation Capacity (m2/h) 15300 20400
Shots Recycle Quantity (T/h) 96 120 120
Depth of Pit (mm) 2090 2210 2210
Total Power (Kw) 137 176.9 183.9

Packaging and Transportation
1.Main frame is packed in nude, electric control box can be packed in plywood case.
2.Transport by truck and sea.
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