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H-Beam Workstation


1.This beam welding machine can reduce workflows, shorten the manufacturing time and enhance the efficiency.
2.This H-beam welding production line saves space of the workplace
3.It can improve the annual output per unit area.
4.This H-beam assembly-welding-straightening machine economizes the investment of crane equipment
5.This beam welding machine adopts programmable logic controller system, and the speed of straightening, assembling and welding is the same.
6.The special designed plane three-dimensional adjustable mechanism can realize the welding gun quickly adjusts the welding position.
7.When this H-beam assembly-welding-straightening machine is assembling and welding, the flange and web can clamp and center positioning in-phase.
8.Beam welding machine has four sets of hydraulic lifting conveyors at the output end. This H-beam production line can be lifted to the suitable height to hold the work-piece according to the distortion after welding, so as to finish the whole assembling, welding and straightening process.
9.The hydraulic system has fine filter, which ensures the long time using of electromagnetic valve.
10.The hydraulic automatic elevating block at the end of assembly-welding-straightening machine can ensure the end alignment of web and flange when assembling.


The beam welding machine integrates the function of the assembling, welding and straightening on one combination machine. This H-beam combination work station is the special equipment used for H-beam assembly, welding fabrication and welding distortion treatment. This H-beam assembly-welding-straightening machine is new type manufacturing equipment with high efficiency in the process of H-beam production.
This beam welding machine consists of main frame, main transmission machine, position pull-rod device, front and back conveyor, hydraulic (clamp and press) system, welding gun adjustable device, welding system, welding flux deliver and recovery system as well as electrical control system.

Parameters of Beam Welding Machine

Model ZHJ18
Web Sizes Height (mm) 200-1800
Thickness (mm) 6-32
Flange Sizes Width (mm) 200-800
Thickness (mm) 6-40
Straightening Thickness (mm) 6-25
Fillet Height (mm) ≤8
Work-Piece Length (mm) 4000-15000
Feeding Speed of Beam Welding Machine (m/min) 0.2-2 (VFD)
Input Conveyor (m) 3 Conveyors, Each 2.6m (Single Pwered)
Output Conveyor (m) 11.5m (Including Lift Conveyor)
Machine Power (Kw) 18.1Kw

Packaging and Transportation

1.Main frame can be packed in nude, electric control box and welding power in plywood case.
2.Transport by truck and by sea.
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