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H-Beam Assembling Machine


1.This H-beam assembly machine adopts built-in PLC controller, with automatic spot welding and fast assembling speed.
2.There is the manual alignment device at the output end, making the steel accurate alignment and easy operation.
3.The new type Z20B H-beam automatic assembling machine puts the main transmission motor and reducer in the middle of underside beam, which will reduce the width of the occupied field.
4.Compared with oil cylinder driving and one side mechanical positioning type, this H-beam assembly machine has the advantages of high precision, strong clamp force, better stability and rigidity.
5.The clamping sliding device adopts rectangular rail type sliding couple which can adjust the sliding clearance accurately and avoid the overlong extrusion of slide bushing to affect the precision when assemble small size H-beam, and also can avoid the replacement of this part due to wear and tear after a long time use.
6.This H-beam automatic assembling machine adopts roller bed and frequency control.
7.All the clamping rollers are connected by eccentric shaft which can realize the fine tuning of the centering precision (theoretically centering precision<1mm).
8.Clamping roller adopts front and back arrangement, and total four groups and up and down two layers. This structure has a better straightening to plate deformation and improves the centering precision.


This H-beam assembly machine is mainly used to spot welding and assembling the cut plates to H-beam. It is also suitable for manufacturing both light duty and heavy duty steel. This H-beam automatic assembling machine consists of main frame, transportation conveyor, hydraulic pump station, CO2 welding power and electric control box.

Parameters of H-Beam Assembly Machine

Model Suitable Web Sizes Suitable Flange Sizes Suitable Work-Piece Length (mm) Assembly Speed (mm/min) Machine Power (Kw)
Thickness (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
Z20B 80 160-2000 80 150-800 4000-15000 0.5-6m/min 9.5
Z15 50 200-1500 60 200-800 11.7
Z18 50 200-1800 60 200-800
Z20 50 200-2000 60 200-800
Z25 50 200-2500 60 200-1000
Z30 50 200-3000 60 200-1000

Packaging and Transportation

1.Main frame is packed in nude, electric control box and welding power packed in plywood case.
2.Transport by truck and sea.
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